Createx Wicked Colors Reducer e Aditivos

4012 High Performance Reducer – A premium reducer for thinning water-based paint.
For use with Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors, Illustration Colors and AutoBorne Sealers.
Generally added 10% per volume to paint. May be added in greater quantities to achieve best viscosity for atomization of paint. Non-reactive; does not serve as a catalyst.
Contains 2-Butoxy Ethanol
Paint has a 72 hour pot-life after mixing with High Performance Reducer.

4004 Transparent Base is the colorless resin base to Wicked Colors and Auto Air Colors. 4004 appears milky in solution yet dries clear. 4004 works as a low-build inter-coat, transparent extender for colors and as a non-reactive barrier to prevent bleeding when using candy?O. T-shirt painter may also wish to apply a light coat or two of 4004 onto the fabric prior to painting to lock down any fabric knap.

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